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Welcome to the Manila Enterprise Online Store – where you can find the latest in Asia fashion news and best quality, affordable women’s shoes, men’s slippers and fashionable clothing for all. Check in from time to time and stay up-to-date with the hottest new fashions that are gripping Asian countries at present – Fashion trends change day by day and so you can’t afford to be seen as yesterday’s news.

Why Choose Thai Shoes?

If you’re looking combination of style, affordability and unique, well-made shoes that set new trends in the fashion industry, Thailand is the number one source for your needs. The Thai shoe industry is noted for its pioneering designs and high quality construction that sets it apart from the rest. Thailand is recognized leader in the manufacture of quality footwear, including women’s shoes, men’s slippers, trainers and boots.

Why Choose Thai Garments?

Across the world, fashion is a highly competitive industry, yet the practical and stylish design of Thailand fashion stands out for its master craftsmanship and excellent costs, while the precise attention to detail and unique service with a smile is something that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Thailand & Asia Wholesale Fashion & Garments

Our goal is to become the number one online marketplace for all your Asia fashion needs, the place to go to when you want high quality fashion gear that you can trust. To achieve our mission we showcase a range of wholesale brand labels, designer collections and accessories from various high profile manufacturers – Everything from denim jeans and high heel shoes to women’s bags and even contemporary Asian clothing – Manila Enterprise is your first choice for unbeatable value and proven quality!
Thailand Garment & Apparel Sourcing

Finding a high-end manufacturer of fashion garments and apparel in Thailand can be a tough task, and so it pays to delegate that responsibility to a partner you can trust. Simply looking at a company’s website is not enough when it comes to sourcing bulk quantities of high quality garments.
At Manila Enterprise, we specialize in the export of top-end apparel and quality fashion wear for men, women and kids. By focusing on the market for the highest quality fashion wear, we have been able to assist hundreds of companies across the globe in finding reliable Thai and Asian partners to work with.